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Mondays 7.30 - 9pm

at the Hebden Bridge Therapy Centre.

Flowing Yin & Yang Yoga

A balanced class with some slow, deep asanas, some flowing movement and deep rest and relaxation.


Fridays 11am - 12.30

Flowing Yin & Yang Yoga

A balanced class with some slow flow and some challenging asanas. As always there's some deep rest and some long held yin poses.

I feel that yoga is a path, with the journey leading us ever more inward.


My experience of yoga and mediation has lead me to the understanding that each of us have to find our own way to work with and honour our unique constellation of gifts and hindrances.


I’m dedicated to creating a space where we can listen to ourselves so that we can hold and respond to our inner world in an ever kinder, ever more authentic way.

All classes are available streamed via zoom, email me at if you'd like to join via zoom.


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